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Darl-hab carries out consultancy services in many fields on water supply and sanitation which includes institutional development of water supply agencies towards more effective and efficient performance. This has been one of the key strength of the company. Another major strength of our company is its versatility in the use of up-to-date information technology facilities and applications for data capture, analysis and modelling. The company welcomes studies on this nature. In the field of customer survey and data collection, the firm has experience in collection both social, financial and technical data on issues concerning water supply, health and economic issues.

1. Field Studies
Darl-hab undertakes a wide range of studies in water supply and sanitation amongst which are;
 Preliminary and feasibility studies
 Rapid assessment surveys
 Environmental Impact assessment
 Customer enumeration and household surveys related to water and sanitation services
 Baseline data collection of water supply performance indicators
 Leak detection and repair studies
 Institutional development of public utilities.
 Public-Private partnership studies
 Water quality monitoring
 Development of Business Plan for water supply institution.

2. Consultancy Urban, Rural and Small Towns Water Supply
In the field of Urban and Rural Water Engineering projects, the directors have been involved with projects that involved investigation design, planning and management supervision of;
 Design and supervision of rehabilitation of existing water and sanitation facilities.
 Training and capacity building of water and sanitation institutions
 Community Mobilisation in managing rural and small towns water Supply
 Drafting of water supply and sanitation policies for states
 Capacity building
 Institutional Development and Capacity Building
 PSP Option states for urban water supply agencies
 Development of roadmap for reform of water utilities
 Leak Detection and repairs
 water production,
 water distribution,
 commercial activities –Water Sales.



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