The company is well focused to provide services towards the achievement of the millennium development goals on water supply and sanitation with the highest level of gender sensitiveness and pro-poor consciousness. The following are the areas we have provided services recently:

4.1 Regional Water Supply Schemes

4.2 Rural Water Supply through hand and motorized boreholes

4.3 Urban and Semi-Urban Poor

4.4 Water Utility Management and Project Evaluation

4.1 Regional Water Supply Schemes
Three of directors of the company were directly involved in the implementation of the World Bank Assisted Multi-state Water Supply Project from the inception to completion for Ikara, zonkwa and Kwoi towns in Kaduna State. The scope and activities involved in each of the scheme is discussed below:

Regional Water Supply Scheme (Ikara in Kaduna State)

The scheme involved the supervision of the design and installation of 7,110-m3/daytreatment plant to serve a population of about 50.000.

Regional Water Supply Scheme (Zonkwa in Kaduna State):

The system was re-designed to produce 12,000 m3/day. The use of the spring water source provided a cheaper option. The system was adequately designed to meet the water demand for the year 2005. The estimated cost was $16,400,000.

Regional Water Supply Scheme (Kwoi in Kaduna State)

The project consisted of the construction of a weir across River Gurara, pumping station and a conventional water treatment of about 6,500 m3/day. The scheme also consisted of 14km of 350/400-mm transmission pipeline, system storage and 75 km of distribution network up to 400 mm









Provision of Hygiene education to school children – Conducted by IBG – Darl-hab Joint Venture








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4.2 Rural Water Supply through hand and motorized boreholes
A classical example of such experience is in the implementation of the National (Nigerian) Improved Access to Water Supply Sanitation project (1999 – 2001). The company executed a contract comprising of the following components;
i). Designing and supervision of rehabilitation of over 400 hand-pump equipped boreholes in 40 local government areas of Kaduna and Plateau States of Nigeria. (10 per each local government area)
ii). Design and supervision of construction of 80 new hand-pump equipped boreholes in the two States (two for each local government area)
iii). Design and supervision of the construction of 5 new motorized borehole schemesand 1 solar scheme in Kaduna and Plateau States
iv). Training of the benefiting communities to operate and maintain the providedwater supply schemes to ensure sustainability.






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4.3 Urban and Semi-Urban Poor
i). Implementation of the DFID funded Jigawa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (JUWASS) involving institutional strengthening of WATSAN organisations, rehabilitation and expansion of 4 urban schemes at Kazaure, Birnin Kudu, Auyo and Gumel, and design and supervision of constructions of new community waterscheme at Ganjin Gebi and provision of sanitation facilities in schools. The project made a remarkable impact in the 5 project towns where an estimated population of about 200,000 have improved access to water supply and sanitation services and awareness.

ii). The programme was successfully implemented in collaboration with two other international consultants (IBG of Switzerland being the main contractor and WMC, UK being the second sub-consultant).




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4.4 Water Utility Management and Project Evaluation
i). The company and its directors have also jointly or individually carried out the following works during the last five years:

ii). Measurement of performance indicators of 23 utilities from 14 African countries on behalf of the Water Utilities Partnership for Capacity Building in Africa (WUP) and the Union of African Water Suppliers. This was published by WUP in 1999 and published again in the year 2000.

iii). Carrying out on behalf of the World, the Implementation Completion Report of the Guinea Bissau Infrastructure Development Project.

iv). Preparing on behalf of UNICEF and the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, the Framework and Implementation Strategy of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Policy.

v). Supervision of the Implementation of the Improved National Access to Water Supply and Sanitation (INAWASS-2000) in Plateau and Kaduna States.

vi). Carrying out on behalf of the Water Utilities Partnership (WUP) and European Union (EU) a case study of Kano on “Strengthening the Capacity of Utilities to Deliver Water and Sanitation Services, Environmental Health and Hygiene Education to Low Income Urban Communities.

vii). Carrying out, on behalf of WUP ad DFID the Performance Indicators and Benchmarking of 41 English and Portuguese Speaking West African Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities (covering 34 State Water Agencies in Nigeria, and Commissioning of School Latrine in Jigawa State
the utilities in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde).

viii). Preparation of the Implementation of Strategy for Expanded Nationwide Small Town Water Supply Programme of Nigeria – Main consultant is Hydroconceil of France.

ix). Preparation of project formulation and design for UN-Habitat under the Water for African Cities (WAC II) for Jos, Plateau state. This involved the designing of water supply and sanitation intervention for 2 urban poor communities in Jos.

x). Preparation of Regulatory Framework for implementation of water and sanitation programmes under the National Urban Water Sector Reform programme.

xi). Supporting Anambra State of Nigeria to develop its Water Supply and Sanitation Policy.

xii). Supporting Katsina State of Nigeria to develop its water supply, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) policy.

xiii). Supporting the National Water Resources Institute on training needs and capacity building assessment under the UNICEF support.
Formative Research Survey for a new Small Towns Water Supply project iby Darl-hab in Jigawa State of Nigeria










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